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If the government asserts eminent domain and wishes to take private property to use for public purposes, the individual property owner has few rights. It is very difficult to challenge the government taking land, as the law is very clear, but the property owner has the right to a fair price in exchange for the property condemnation. If a County entity, City government, or the State of Georgia is threatening to take your property without just compensation, the attorneys at Killian & Boyd, P.C. will help you obtain a fair price.
With more than 57 years of combined legal experience, attorneys Robert P. Killian and Roy J. Boyd, Jr. are trial lawyers, adept at civil litigation of all types, including business litigation, real estate, and probate litigation. We have helped many clients "fight city hall" and win.
When the government decides to take property, they will rarely value your property fairly, and often only offer a fraction of its worth. Regardless of whether it is the government, airport, hospital, or power company taking your land for public use, we will make sure that your rights are protected and the true value of your land is taken into account, and get you a fair price.
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If the government is taking your land, you deserve a fair market price, not what they are offering. The attorneys at Killian & Boyd will make sure you get a fair price for your property when the government asserts its eminent domain rights. Contact an eminent domain attorney at our Brunswick law office to discuss your case.
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